Wednesday 06/12/2019

CrossFit On the Brazos – CrossFit

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– Jumping Jacks

– Lunges

– Push Ups

– Air Squats


Strict Press:

1-2 light warm up sets

5 x 5 @ as heavy as possible


Metcon (No Measure)

Partner Relay

3 races will be run, with a short break between each.

Each pair has a stack of 4 plates at the starting line (45/25). 3, 2, 1, go…

Both partners will start from the starting line. Partner 1 runs one plate at a time to the 50m mark, stacking them. Once Partner 1 has moved all 4 plates (and they are all in a single stack), Partner 2 will run to the 50m mark and bring the plates back to the starting point, one plate at a time.

Partner 1 will run the plates down, and Partner 2 will run the plates back 3 times. This is one race. Run 3 races total, with a short break between each.

There is a 10 minute time cap on each race.