Thursday 06/06/2019

CrossFit On the Brazos – CrossFit

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Barbell Warm Up

Skip runs

Begin and end with 20 second hang from rig


Two scores will be taken.

1) Time to complete Part 1 (or total reps complete if athlete caps out)

2) Total rounds and reps for Part 2

Part 1:

Athlete has 9 minutes to complete the couplet.

Any time remaining in that 9 minutes is rest.

If athlete doesn’t complete all reps under the cap, score is total reps completed.

Part 2:

When the clock hits 9 minutes, athlete will proceed immediately into the 9 minute AMRAP.

Metcon (No Measure)

Part 1: 9 Minute Cap


Squat Cleans (115/75)

Pull Ups

Part 2:


10 x Slam Ball Over Shoulder (40/30)

20 x DU’s / 40 x Singles

Accessory Work

Accumulate 5 minutes of plank